Julie Ertz Net Worth: A Soccer Fortune

Julie Ertz’s estimated net worth is around $3 million. This two-time World Cup winner and Olympic medalist is central to women’s soccer.

Julie Ertz is a prominent name in the sports industry, especially women’s soccer. She’s known for her exceptional defensive skills and versatility on the field, having played midfielder and defender. Ertz’s success is rooted in her athletic ability and influence as a role model, inspiring young athletes worldwide.

Her financial success combines her earnings from professional soccer, endorsements, and partnerships with prominent sports brands. With a vigorous presence on the U.S. Women’s National Soccer Team, Ertz continues to capture the fans’ admiration and the media’s attention, solidifying her status as one of soccer’s influential figures.

Julie Ertz’s Bio

Category Details
Full Name Julie Beth Ertz
Birth Name Julie Beth Johnston
Date of Birth April 6, 1992 (age 32)
Place of Birth Mesa, Arizona, U.S.
Height 5 ft 7 in (1.70 m)
Position Midfielder, defender
Youth Career – AYSO Region 503 (2000–2004)

– Arizona Arsenal Soccer Club (2004–2010)

– Sereno Soccer Club (2004–2010)

College Career Santa Clara Broncos (2010–2013)
Club Career – Chicago Red Stars (2014–2021)

– Angel City FC (2023)

International Career – United States U15, U18, U20, U23 (2013–2023)

– United States senior team (123 appearances, 20 goals)

Titles – FIFA Women’s World Cup (2015, 2019)

– U.S. Soccer Female Player of the Year (2017, 2019)

Net Worth Estimated to be around $3 million
Relationship Married to NFL player Zach Ertz since March 26, 2017

Julie Ertz Net Worth: A Soccer Fortune

Julie Ertz’s Rise To Stardom

Julie Ertz is a true powerhouse in the world of soccer. She has become a role model for aspiring athletes with her tenacity and skill. Let’s explore Julie Ertz’s journey as she climbed the ranks to become one of the most celebrated soccer players of her time.

Early Life And Career Beginnings

Julie Ertz began her soccer journey at an early age. Born in Mesa, Arizona, she quickly found a passion for the sport. Ertz attended Dobson High School, where her talent shone brightly.

She then moved to Santa Clara University, where she excelled in college soccer. Her remarkable performances caught the eyes of national team scouts.

World Cup Triumphs

Julie’s international career took off in 2015. She was part of the U.S. Women’s National Team that won the FIFA Women’s World Cup. Her performance was nothing short of stellar.

  • Defensive linchpin, her contributions were crucial to the team’s success.
  • She scored vital goals when it mattered most.
  • Repeated the feat as the team won another World Cup in 2019.

These victories propelled Julie to global recognition and established her status as a star player.

The Financial Landscape Of Women’s Soccer

Women’s soccer is growing, but the financial landscape can be challenging. Stars like Julie Ertz are leading the charge for change. Ertz is not only a phenomenal player but also a brilliant financial navigator. Let’s explore how players like her manage to thrive.

Salaries And Endorsements

In women’s soccer, salaries vary widely. Top players earn a decent wage, but there’s a drop-off. The National Women’s Soccer League has a minimum and maximum salary cap. Stats show a stark difference when compared to men’s soccer. However, stars like Julie Ertz use their influence to score big with endorsements. Julie represents brands, adding a critical revenue stream to her career. Endorsement deals can sometimes surpass actual playing salaries. These partnerships benefit players and brands alike.

Investment And Money Management

Women athletes often excel in intelligent money moves. Investments and savings are critical. Players like Julie Ertz look beyond their playing days. They plan and invest with care. Financial advisors are crucial for their support team. Sound investment choices pave the way for a stable future. Good habits, like savings and diversified investments, ensure financial well-being. Julie and her peers set an example for upcoming athletes.

Ertz’s Salary Milestones

Exploring Julie Ertz’s career journey leads us to her impressive salary achievements. A formidable force in women’s soccer, Ertz has seen changes in her earnings. Let’s dive into how her dedication and skill have paved the way for financial success.

Club Contracts

Ertz’s club career amplifies her financial milestones. Playing for the Chicago Red Stars, she became a star midfielder. Her contracts reflect her status. Over the years, she’s seen significant boosts. The initial signings evolve into more lucrative deals. Teams prize Ertz’s talent, negotiating terms that mirror her growth.

  • Initial Contracts: Showed promise and commitment.
  • Raising Stakes: Enhanced roles mean better terms.
  • Top-tier Deals: Leadership roles bring peak compensation.

National Team Pay

Ertz’s national presence is even more dynamic. She’s sporting the USA jersey and contributed to victories; her compensation reflects these contributions and triumphs.

Year Pay Milestones
Debut Year Initial earnings set the stage.
World Cup Victory Win bonuses boost overall income.
Ongoing Career Steady salary growth with performance.

Each goal, each win, and each championship adds to her net worth. Ertz’s financial journey parallels her on-field success. With skill and determination, Julie Ertz’s salary milestones keep rising, marking her as a valued athlete.

Endorsement Deals And Sponsorships

In the dynamic world of professional sports, ‘Endorsement Deals and Sponsorships’ are key income sources for athletes. They enhance a player’s net worth significantly. Let’s uncover how Julie Ertz, a celebrated soccer star, boosts her financial scorecard through such deals.

Brand Partnerships

Julie Ertz aligns with brands that reflect her personality and values. These partnerships offer fans a glimpse of Ertz beyond the field. Brands leverage her influence to reach a wider audience. Ertz’s partnerships are strategic, matching her stature as an elite athlete.

  • Adidas – She wears their gear on and off the pitch.
  • Visa – Julie promotes safe and secure payments.
  • Chipotle – Advocating for healthy meal choices.

The Impact Of Marketing On Earnings

Marketing efforts play a huge role in an athlete’s earning potential. Brands seek personalities who resonate with their target market. Julie Ertz’s appeal is strong among various demographic groups, making her a desirable partner for high-value endorsements.

In marketing terms, Ertz’s presence is a conversion booster for brands. Fans often follow her product recommendations. This trust converts into sales and, consequently, more lucrative deals for Ertz.

Ertz sees a significant portion of her net worth from such brand-related activities. It’s a win-win. Brands enhance their image, and Ertz solidifies her financial standing.

Property And Investment Portfolio

When exploring Julie Ertz’s net worth, a standout component is her property and investment portfolio. This portfolio showcases wise decisions in diversifying her income streams. Beyond the soccer field, Julie has secured investments in real estate and businesses that have positively impacted her wealth.

Real Estate Ventures

Julie Ertz has shown a keen eye for valuable property investments. Her choices indicate a strategic approach to long-term asset growth. Details about Julie’s real estate holdings are private, but typical athlete investment patterns may point to her involvement in:

  • Residential properties for rental income
  • Commercial real estate as active business spaces
  • Vacation homes that blend personal use with rental opportunity

Business Interests

Outside of soccer, Julie has taken an interest in various business sectors. These interests align with her passions, adding another layer to her financial groundwork. Though specific companies remain undisclosed, athletes like her often invest in:

  • Sports clinics and training centres
  • Health and wellness brands
  • Apparel and sports equipment companies

This approach broadens her revenue streams and solidifies her sports and business community presence.

Philanthropy And Impact

Julie Ertz is not just a powerhouse on the soccer field. Her influence extends far beyond her athletic achievements. Julie is a significant figure in the world of philanthropy. Her dedication to giving back has made a profound impact on various communities. This section delves into her admirable charitable work and extensive community engagement.

Charitable Work

The Julie Ertz Foundation is a testament to her commitment to helping others. Founded to inspire positive change, the foundation emphasizes three core areas:

  • Educational programs aim to provide resources and opportunities for children.
  • Sports Camps that foster youth development and encourage physical activity.
  • Leadership Initiatives designed to empower the next generation of leaders.

The foundation’s reach is expansive, with numerous success stories stemming from its initiatives.

Community Engagement

Julie’s impact resonates within the communities she touches. Her engagement initiatives include:

Initiative Goal Outcome
Local Events To gather support for underprivileged youth Empowering children with new opportunities
Outreach Programs To educate and provide access to sports Active lifestyles promoted among children

Julie Ertz’s community engagement activities have cultivated an environment where children and families thrive.

Comparing Wealth Across The Sport

A renowned soccer star, Julie Ertz has become a symbol of excellence in women’s soccer. Her accolades on the field mirror her financial success. But how does her net worth stack against others in her sport? This look at Julie Ertz’s net worth reveals the financial landscape of soccer players across the gender divide.

Ertz’s Peers

Let’s dive into the financial standings of Ertz’s fellow female soccer professionals.

  • Teammates: Share similar salary ranges due to league structures.
  • Endorsements: Boost overall earnings significantly for top players.
  • International stars May have different income streams, affecting net worth.

While salaries within women’s leagues show uniformity, endorsements and individual ventures lead to varying net worths among peers.

Men’s Vs. Women’s Soccer

Comparing men’s and women’s soccer earnings can shed light on disparities.

Average Salary Men’s Soccer Women’s Soccer
MLS $410,730
NWSL $31,000

These numbers highlight the significant pay gap between men’s and women’s soccer leagues. Men’s earnings far surpass those in the NWSL, where Ertz plays.

However, women’s soccer players often enjoy more tremendous success in international tournaments. This increases their visibility and marketability. Despite lower league salaries, top female players can often boost their net worth through national team successes and individual endorsements. Julie Ertz is a prime example of such a success.

Future Financial Prospects

As we delve into the financial future of Julie Ertz, a celebrated soccer star, it is evident that her success on the field extends to her economic well-being. Ertz’s net worth, resulting from her hard-earned soccer career, endorsements, and partnerships, paves the way for a prosperous horizon. Let’s explore what retirement and beyond might look like for Julie alongside the legacy she’s building.

Retirement And Beyond

Stepping off the pitch doesn’t mean stepping out of the spotlight for Julie Ertz. Her career investments and financial planning signal a smooth transition. Ertz’s income sources diversify with:

  • Endorsement deals that continue post-retirement
  • Speaking engagements and soccer clinics
  • Intelligent investments in real estate and stocks

With a clear vision for the future, Ertz positions herself for continued financial growth even after hanging up her cleats.

Building A Lasting Legacy

Julie Ertz’s legacy transcends her immediate impact on the soccer field. She establishes a robust brand that has the potential to thrive. Investments made off-field reflect her ambition:

  1. Supporting youth soccer programs as a way to give back
  2. Penning inspirational books to share her journey
  3. Creating a sports apparel line centred on empowerment

These endeavours contribute to her net worth and cement her position as a role model for young athletes worldwide.

Social Media Profile

Platform Link
Twitter Julie Ertz on Twitter
Instagram Julie Ertz on Instagram
Facebook Julie Ertz on Facebook


Understanding Julie Ertz’s net worth gives fans a glimpse into the success achievable through dedication to sports. Her journey reflects the potential earnings for elite women’s soccer athletes. As her career evolves, so might her financial standing. Keep an eye on this star’s progress, both on and off the field.

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